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How do I preserve the top tier of my wedding cake?

We get asked this question a lot by our clients who have ordered a Cakealicious Wedding Cake.  My first response is to tell them to eat it!  But, of course, if the time is taken to preserve it correctly the cake will taste just as good in a years time.  And what better way to celebrate your first year of marriage than to sit down and reminisce all the while enjoying a piece of that very same wedding cake.

Wedding cake preserving instructions

Now, having taken the time to design the most perfect wedding cake for your special day, don’t just rush off and place it in the freezer in a plastic bag.   Here is the best advice we have found out there, curtesy of Tiny Test Kitchen and

  1. Firstly, make sure the top tier gets saved and the caterers don’t serve it up on the night. Crucial!
  2. Remove any cake decorations.
  3. Place the cake in the fridge the night of the wedding to chill (maybe arrange for a someone else to take this responsibility).  This helps the icing to stiffen up.  Make sure to keep the cake away from any other food to avoid it absorbing the odours.
  4. Wrap the cake tightly in 3 layers of plastic wrap and then 1-2 layers of tin foil.  Put in a cake box (Cakealicious Cakes always provides cake boxes for wedding cakes) and put deep in the back or side of the freezer.
  5. Wait one glorious year.
  6. Take the cake out 2 days before your anniversary and unwrap all the layers.
  7. Rewrap the cake loosely in 1 layer waxed baking paper and then 1 layer of plastic wrap.
  8. Place this in the fridge and then bring out 2-4 hours before you intend on eating it, removing the wrapping again to bring it to room temperature.
  9. Voila, enjoy with a glass of bubbles and toast to your 1 year wedding anniversary.

Wedding Cake 1 year anniversaryOf course, the cake doesn’t have to be saved for your 1 year wedding anniversary.  Other traditions are to eat at the christening of your first born child – which may be before or after your 1 year anniversary.  More modern trends include eating the cake to celebrate even your 1 month or 2 month anniversary.

It’s up to you, it is your wedding cake to do with as you please.  We just hope you enjoy being able to savour a special part of your wedding day to have further down the track!

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A Gluten-free cake you say?

Long gone are the days when any ingredient could be used to bake a cake and it would cater for all.  With the constant rise in special dietary requirements out there, speciality cakes need to cater for a wide variety of dietary needs.  One of these major dietary trends to consider is gluten-free.   To give you an idea on this growing trend, did some research and identified that the gluten-free food and beverage market grew 44 percent from 2011 to 2013.  They identified 1 in 4 of the survey respondents (between the age of 18-24) currently eat gluten-free foods.

What is Gluten-free?

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A gluten-free diet means exactly that – exclude gluten (a protein found in wheat and related grains) from your food.   When you are hosting a special occasion and want a delicious cake that everyone can eat, you may need to look at providing a gluten-free option due to the popularity of the diet.

How we make our cakes gluten-free

We at Cakealicious Cakes love to accommodate specific dietary requirements in our cakes.  The feedback when just one person who is gluten-free sees the effort you have gone to accommodate their needs is something special.  These people can often feel like they are being difficult, or potentially at a disadvantage, so catering for these special diets will leave a nice taste in everyone’s mouth.

We have a number of special initiatives to make our gluten-free cakes taste just as good as a non gluten-free cake.  These include using:

  • A mixture of gluten-free flours, not just one substitute
  • Eggs and egg whites as they make an excellent replacement to water and provide extra protein which is missing from the flour
  • Brown sugar to boost the moistness and to add a density of flavour, or castor sugar for a lighter, fluffier cake.

So if you want to go above and beyond with your next special occasion why not think about ordering a gluten-free speciality cake.  The taste is almost the same, and you can be sure to keep those 1 in 4 gluten-free people happy too!

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