Studying with OneNote

As mentioned in my previous post, Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking app and I love it.  But it isn’t just helpful in organising my personal life. As I am currently studying, I have been able to embrace far more functionality of OneNote than ever before.  It is the perfect software programme to make my own personalised lecture notes from, and brainstorm and write assignments in.

Don’t just take my word on it

It doesn’t take much online research to see that OneNote is fast becoming the go-to digital app in the education sector.  The hierarchical structure of the notebook makes it the perfect replacement to the student notebook and ring binder.OneNote1

And Microsoft is aware its OneNote software is winning the hearts in the education sector too. Just take a look at the Microsoft OneNote twitter page – most of the posts currently there relate to students, classroom or education in general.

This short YouTube clip provides a great overview of how some high school students have embraced OneNote for their studies.  It highlights how you can access your notes anywhere, embed almost anything, share notes with peers, and submit assignments to teachers.  All of this within one digital notebook application, OneNote.

Two fundamental changes for the classroom…

OneNote to replace the whiteboard?

Classrooms are beginning to replace the whiteboard with OneNote.  A Christchurch school recently shared how they used OneNote to deliver a math lesson.  Using OneNote, a Microsoft Surface tablet and a Miracast device, the teacher was able to wirelessly broadcast the tablet screen (where he was demonstrating in OneNote) to the classroom projector.

But it doesn’t end there.  The students have access to this lesson from their own OneNote and can revise that lesson later on. Also the lesson is recorded so absent students can fully experience the lesson as if they were there.

View the Microsoft NZ Education blog for the full summary and recorded lesson.

Work on team projects virtually with OneNote

Often classwork requires working on a group project.  Another great feature of using a digital app like OneNote is the ability to collaborate online and share with your peers.  You can now work together on a project without having to be crammed around a table in a group setting.Coauthoring image1

“With a shared OneNote notebook, student teams can add to the shared notebook on their own time, or work together in real time from school, library, or home” (OneNote Team, 2014).

What’s next?

Technology apps like OneNote have certainly revolutionised how we can study.  It’s an exciting space and one can only assume as this technology continues to advance, so will the benefits for student learning!

Please note this website and blog is for an assignment.


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Image Credit
Top by San Jacinto College
Bottom by Office Blogs


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