How do I preserve the top tier of my wedding cake?

We get asked this question a lot by our clients who have ordered a Cakealicious Wedding Cake.  My first response is to tell them to eat it!  But, of course, if the time is taken to preserve it correctly the cake will taste just as good in a years time.  And what better way to celebrate your first year of marriage than to sit down and reminisce all the while enjoying a piece of that very same wedding cake.

Wedding cake preserving instructions

Now, having taken the time to design the most perfect wedding cake for your special day, don’t just rush off and place it in the freezer in a plastic bag.   Here is the best advice we have found out there, curtesy of Tiny Test Kitchen and

  1. Firstly, make sure the top tier gets saved and the caterers don’t serve it up on the night. Crucial!
  2. Remove any cake decorations.
  3. Place the cake in the fridge the night of the wedding to chill (maybe arrange for a someone else to take this responsibility).  This helps the icing to stiffen up.  Make sure to keep the cake away from any other food to avoid it absorbing the odours.
  4. Wrap the cake tightly in 3 layers of plastic wrap and then 1-2 layers of tin foil.  Put in a cake box (Cakealicious Cakes always provides cake boxes for wedding cakes) and put deep in the back or side of the freezer.
  5. Wait one glorious year.
  6. Take the cake out 2 days before your anniversary and unwrap all the layers.
  7. Rewrap the cake loosely in 1 layer waxed baking paper and then 1 layer of plastic wrap.
  8. Place this in the fridge and then bring out 2-4 hours before you intend on eating it, removing the wrapping again to bring it to room temperature.
  9. Voila, enjoy with a glass of bubbles and toast to your 1 year wedding anniversary.

Wedding Cake 1 year anniversaryOf course, the cake doesn’t have to be saved for your 1 year wedding anniversary.  Other traditions are to eat at the christening of your first born child – which may be before or after your 1 year anniversary.  More modern trends include eating the cake to celebrate even your 1 month or 2 month anniversary.

It’s up to you, it is your wedding cake to do with as you please.  We just hope you enjoy being able to savour a special part of your wedding day to have further down the track!

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Curiosity of Tiny Test Kitchen


4 thoughts on “How do I preserve the top tier of my wedding cake?

  1. fknapman

    Preserving the top tier of the cake is a great idea. Forty or so years ago when I got married the top tier was saved for the first child’s christening. However, all wedding cakes in those days were fruit cakes. I dislike fruitcake so did not have a piece of our cake.
    Love the fact that now you may have any flavour wedding cake you like, or even as in my daughters case, a profiterole tower. Does the method you describe work on any flavour cake, or just fruit cake?


  2. gretagnew Post author

    Isn’t it wonderful that there is more variety of wedding cake flavours available these days. Fruitcake certainly does preserve the best, but other dense cakes work just as well, including chocolate and carrot cakes. However I wouldn’t recommend preserving profiteroles.


  3. dunedincakes

    I found this article extremely helpful. I liked the clarity of writing – easy to follow steps, specific words in bold type and very precise directions, for example, “3 layers of plastic wrap”. I also liked the up-beat tone of the writing, which conveys a positive image for Cakealicious.


  4. antthornton

    hi there,
    When my wife and i got married i wish we got told about saving the top tier and preserving it.
    I think its a great idea that you are telling people about how to do this as i would make that 1st wedding anniversary even more special.
    I will be letting people know about this great idea and how to do it in the future.
    Thank you,



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